Friday, August 27, 2010

Peace, please?

Today's post is written with a baby on my lap because he has decided to stay up late tonight.  I don't really mind.  Perhaps this means he will sleep longer...
Okay, that was obviously wishful thinking.

My topic for today?
The little things that mean so much once you become a mom.  And I'm not talking about the cutesy things.  I'm talking about the real things that we all think but may not mention.  Here is my list so far.

1.) Pooping in peace.
Once you become a mom, your personal time is very very limited.  This includes bathroom duties.  I don't know about you but I rushed bathroom break is never very satisfying.  I look forward to bed time and nap times so that I can go to the bathroom in peace.
2.) Having two hand free.
The other day I had to make meatballs one-handed.  While holding a 16lb baby in the other.  When you become a mom your ability to double task grows exponentially.
3.) Having a meal.
I don't mean a snack.  I want a real meal.  Jacob is almost four months old and I still haven't had a real meal again yet.  I miss not having to stop-and-go eat, not having to reheat, not having my snow cone melt, not having to grab things out of the hands of a reaching babe. 
4.) Drool free moments.
These are the most few and far between.  I live in a constant state of moisture.  Ew.
5.) No surprise poop discoveries.
I can't tell you how much surprise poop I find.  Not on my son, on me.  It is a rude awakening to be innocently eating a cookie and notice poop on your hand.  Or to be out in public and notice a smear on your jeans. 

This is my list so far. I'm sure I will think of more things to add, but it's a little difficult to type with this kiddo reaching for my fingers as they move.  Cute, but difficult.  The moral of my story, however, is that having a child makes me appreciate the little things, both cutesy and not, so much more.

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