Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leave him be!

I love my grandmother.  I really really do.  I promise.  But she drives me insane.
Today I took her to her doctors appointment.  She came over to our apartment first to keep an eye on Jacob (our 16 week old son) while I tidied up the house.  From the moment she gets within 10 feet of Jacob her whole demeanor changes.

"Ooooooo! How is Granny's IDDLE MAN?"

This provokes a sigh from the mother of the 'iddle man.'
My main issue is that she can never just let him be.  She has to have his undivided attention the entire time she is around him.  The.  Entire.  Time.  She even wants to sit in the back seat with him despite my protests of "Granny, he's fine, he's just playing with his hanging toy."

After a visit with my grandma, Jacob is always over stimulated and cranky because Mommy is just not as determined to entertain him.  I know how much she enjoys spending time with him so for the most part I just hold my tongue.  And count the seconds until bedtime.

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